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Have you lost a loved one?
Koi Hatchootucknee

Koi Hatchootucknee is a Spiritual Psychic Medium with many years of experience involving his Meduimship and has been blessed with many gifted psychic abilities since birth. 
Koi was born and raised in the Bayou country of Louisiana with a bloodline blend of Native American (Mississippi Choctaw) & Creole. He now resides in Gilbert, AZ.

Koi is Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairalience (clear feeling) and Clairambience (clear smelling) and he is also able to Channel & bring in 'Spirit Guides'
Koi connects directly with Spirits of your loved ones that have crossed-over and is very accurate with his Intuitive Reading Sessions, connecting to spirits and giving you their messages

All private Reading Sessions are priced at $200 per session - CASH ONLY.
Each Reading Session with Koi generally lasts around an hour or more on average.
Payment is due before each session begins - no exceptions.

**Please keep in mind that it takes an ENORMOUS amount of energy for Koi to connect to Spirits, so in preparation for this to work the best way, Koi must go into a DEEP Meditation for up to 2 hours prior to each Reading Session.

Please contact Koi Hatchootucknee to make an appointment for a Reading Session or if you have any questions about his services & what he can do for you. 

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